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Rolled Travel luggage is one of the awesome luggage for travelling anywhere. Compared to the normal suitcase, the Rolled Travel luggage with 2 wheels are quite amazing to move from one place to another. Most people like to travel with compatible leather beauty so that like to carry around anywhere. Carrying the light weight rolled travel luggage is quite easier so that it is convenient for both men and women to slide the luggage anywhere. Modern Rolled Travel luggage bags are appreciated for its smart features with retractable handle, padded compartments, 4 roller-blade wheels and many more. Rolled Travel luggage bags are the type of luggage that normally rests on its 4 wheels and it is convenient to roll without any effort. The rolled travel luggage could be easily pushed or pulled in any direction thus making maneuverable. These kinds of luggage bags are durable and available in various sizes. Before buying the maneuverable Rolled Travel luggage, it is necessary to see their advantages and disadvantages so that you will get vast idea for buying the appropriate one.rolled travel luggage


Rolled Travel luggage is the most stylish luggage bags when you are getting off the plane and pushing your luggage into a taxi with smooth pushing and pulling. Here is a list of advantages of modern Rolled Travel luggage bags:

  • Very easy to handle
  • Both larger and smaller sized are easy to move with wheels
  • Genuine Leather handles for providing luxurious touch
  • Rugged Nylon fabric providing exceptional durability
  • Stain resistance
  • RFID Blocking pockets enabled for keeping passports and credit cards
  • Protecting features against identity theft and loss
  • Zipper Heads engineered for smooth open and close for daily use
  • Resist damage options available
  • Powerful Retractable patented handle technology
  • Comfortable and smooth roll
  • Rollerblade wheels
  • Padded compartments
  • Carry-on size with Rolled Travel luggage
  • Top zip closure
  • 2 side slip pockets

The Rolled Travel luggage also have the most spacious organizer compartments to keep the pens, cards and many other small items. Coordinated ID tags are also available in the travelling luggage bags so that it is convenient for getting higher option for casual as well as formal travel.


  • When you are careful in using the Rolled Travel luggage, it would roll away and slip.
  • Rolled Travel luggage bags are expensive than normal luggage options
  • Rolled Travel luggage weigh more than your luggage weight
  • The Rolled Travel luggage wheels are normally strong but they break away easily

The wheels are tends clogged away so that it will get struck when you are moving from one place to another.  Wheels of the Rolled Travel luggage will be smoother in plain surface but it will be a bit difficult to pull up stairs or move in grass, sand, pavement or snow.