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The iron clubs are the most important clubs in the sport of golf. Every golf players are different from each other; they have different techniques of playing and iron clubs is not something that every golfer is comfortable with. Only some experienced and very professional players can handle iron clubs with perfection.
If you are a professional golfer and serious about your game, you should be aware of different types of iron clubs available and which one suits you. You should go through various kinds of top rated golf irons 2016 and decide which one suits you better. Which iron club you can handle more gracefully and with which you can play better.

There are mainly two types of golf iron –

•    Cast Irons:- Cast iron clubs are not expensive since they are designed using molds and are easily put into shape.

•   Forged irons:- The process of making Forged iron club is different. The metal is heated, and then hammering gives it the desired shape. The process further continues as the metal is drilled to give the head of an iron club a perfect shape. It is much expensive than cast iron clubs.TYPES OF GOLF IRONS

Apart from the way they are manufactured, it is also important to know that how different types of iron club function. There are specific iron clubs, used for various types of shots. You should also be aware of different types of iron clubs needed for the different type of shots. In short, you should have always had the full knowledge about the golf game, before purchasing various iron clubs.

You should be careful about choosing an iron club because they are available in different sizes. You should buy one that is ideal for your height. The iron clubs have a lot to do with the height of the player. If you are tall and buy a small iron club, you will have difficulty in hitting the ball. You will have to bend to reach the ball, and this will result in less power while hitting the ball.iron set

You should also choose golf irons based on the choice of your handicap. It is common knowledge that small iron clubs are good for lower handicaps. The low handicap requires a slow shot that can be done by lower irons. For such golfers,  3 to 9 iron clubs are best.

If you are a high handicap golfer, you should get irons of about 100. You can also go ahead to play with woods and wedges.
The various kinds of golf iron heads are available. The main three sizes of golf heads that are available are standard, midsize, and the third one is big oversized.
Apart from above mentioned things, the shaft is also an important part of golf sport.
There are two types of golf shaft available to choose from-

•   Graphite:- Graphite ones are cheaper and more flexible.
•   Steel:- Steel ones are heavier than graphite shaft, but they are reliable. This sometimes becomes a disadvantage as you cannot swing the shaft with full power.